January 9, 2012

Origami paper cube :: a DIY

Origami paper cubes

It's been a while since my last post. I hope you all had nice holidays and a smooth transition into the new year. Our holidays were fun, seeing relatives and friends again. There was a lot of traveling involved but it all went much smoother than last year as the weather gods were a bit friendlier this time. No snow and icy roads only rain and wind.

Origami paper cubes

Origami paper cubes

But this is not the weather channel, so time to move-on! With a new tutorial! And as a matter of fact, this is a special one. It's a video-tutorial - an absolute first on // BTL //- made by... my girls.

Origami paper cubes

A little while ago we got an Ipad. It never occurred to me that besides pictures one could also make videos with it. That was until my girls presented me this movie one afternoon during our holiday break. For a couple of days M. had been making these really awesome origami paper cubes. And then, they decided to shoot a 'making-of' movie. I had no idea what they were doing in their room - 'Don't come in, mommy! It's a surprise!'. There was a lot of laughing going on in there but too busy baking some of these, I kept nicely to the kitchen. The result you can see below. The movie is entirely their work: little H. held 'the camera' and M. shows and talks us through the making of an origami paper cube. There was no editing, or anything. And I think it is just perfect - there is a bit of camera shake, and the sound isn't perfect as little H. covered the microphone with her hand a couple of times, but other than that I think this movie is just perfect. The best part in my opinion: little H. trying to keep her little toes off screen - that really cracked me up! Actually it still does... I hope you'll enjoy this how-to as much as I did!

A big thanks to my girls for their generosity for letting me share this here! You are the cutest!

Wishing you all a happy and creative year!
xo, P.

Origami paper cubes


Sundays Child said...

AWWWWWWW!!!! You must be SO very proud of them. I just loved the toes peeking out, I'm thinking .. Martha Stewart .. watch your back. :-)

Wonderful job little ones, can't wait to see your next project.

Julie Andrea

ArtMind said...

So cute, Pascale!! I love how they call it 'paper wrestling' & how the toes of the girl taping it all got into the working space for a moment.
Your girls are stars - they take after you hey? ;) Happy New year to you and your family - I hope it will be crazy creative! XO Mitsy

nicole/brussels said...

papie sera très content de pouvoir regarder le video! Il m'en avait déjà parler, qui voulait absolument une fois le revoir, et voici, maintenant, il aura l'occasion!!
bisous mamy

lightbluegrey said...

Heb zo genoten!

Nele said...

maar zo tof zeg :-)

Nina said...

OK, as a Brit I say to you: it's OK to discuss the weather! When a friend from Argentina came here to London for the first time, it was a normal early summer. You know, rain one minute, sunshine the next, and then a small gale... After a few days she said to me, "I see why you guys talk about the weather so much! It's always changing! I'm going to tell everyone why you do it! I'll make justice!" Origami is good too, of course.

Frances said...

Pascale, I have not the time right now to look at the video, but just know that when those moments arrive, and I do view the video, I am going to be on the hunt for lots and lots of paper to practice the technique for myself.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

kristi said...

awesome. she explains it so well too.

Cindy said...

the boxes and video are wonderful! very impressive & perfect. i must try making a box. we just received the video for 'between the folds', which is all about origami!

Anonymous said...

I made one of these boxes with 45 of the peices. It took me a while but it turned out really good.

bicocacolors said...

amazing, I really enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Molto bello, very nice. Grazie Lina

Jan Castle said...

And they made it look so easy!!! Look out Hollywood!!!
Jan Castle

Kaylovesvintage said...

sure my husband can make them,he loves paper

blue moss said...

this is the cutest video ever!!! i am so glad you shared it. i tried to comment on this the other day, but my computer was not cooperating.
hope you are well!!

Origami How To said...

Thanks so much! What a cute project :D

sarah lee said...

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